An evening with Primrose 


interactive installation by day, concert at night.

An evening with Primrose is a concert and interactive installation which invites us to step away from our constant attempts to create our lives on demand and surrender to the simple act of waiting.

Unfolding over 60-90 minutes, An evening with Primrose is a concert featuring a unique soundscape created by an evening primrose flower blooming: an act that cannot be forced, being entirely determined by circadian rhythms: the internal clock that affects all plants and animals.

An evening with Primrose is inspired by the evening primrose as a symbol of the inescapable influence of nature's power over us all, despite our best attempts to control it.

The day installation invites audiences to learn about the anatomy of a plant as well as the technology behind creating a soundscape from a blooming flower; And by night, the installation becomes a performance; a concert where a flower becomes a conductor, a living instrument,centre stage.

Combining animated illustrations, video and sound An evening with Primrose is a visual and sonic meditation on time, and the biological clocks that affect us all.

All you have to do is wait...

In 2017, An evening with Primrose premiered at Brighton Digital Festival. Supported by University of Chichester, developed at & supported by Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, with thanks to The Spire, the National Theatre Studio, Laura Collier, Dominic Baker & Oliver Levett, Soraya Gilanni, Deborah Pearson & Melanie Wilson. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

by Abigail Conway

Sound and Interactive system design: Ross Flight

llustration and animation: Eoin Ryan

Special Guests: Will Dickie & Sarah Johns

Set Construction: Tin Shed Scenery

Producer: Sally Rose


Circadian Rhythm  


The Technology