︎Primrose Broadcast  


Inspired by the installation-concert An evening with Primrose, a single primrose bloom will be broadcast live at dusk on Thursday  30 July from Bognor Regis. This mobile (lo-fi) version of the installation, developed for Forest Fringe TV, will travel and capture an evening primrose in its natural habitat. Featuring a unique soundscape created live by the evening primrose flower blooming; watch nature perform as a flower becomes a conductor, a living instrument, centre stage. It may be shy, or nervous or a bee may interrupt its flow… expect the unexpected.

The performing Primrose invites us to step away from our constant attempts to create our lives on demand and surrender to the simple act of waiting.

Full Programme here
Start time 20.30  
Duration: Variable, 15- 90 mins hours 

The official sunset on 30.07.20 in Bognor Regis is at 20.52 GMT. The stream will start at 20.30 GMT as the Primrose (on average ) bloom within 20- 30 minutes either side.

NB: Turn off and tune in. For an intimate performance please wear headsets and/ or play through an external sound system.

Abigail invites you to say hello, comment and/or share your experiences throughout the performance on Youtube chat.

This is a meditative experience but for those who wish to carry on and celebrate the opening  for a little longer, a specially curated DJ set by Will Dickie and Visuals by Abigail will take you on into the night.

By Abigail Conway

Sound & Interactive System Design: Ross Flight
Illustration & Animation: Eoin Ryan
DJ: Will Dickie

A special thank you goes to Michael Stenning, Susannah Conway, Patrick Conway, Amberly allotment, Jason Crouch and Forest Fringe.