Residency’s & Research           

The National Theatre Studios


In 2014, Abigail, Melanie and Ross returned to NTS and spent time with plants grown from seed by Abigail and her family.

This was an eventful residency, that presented  many discoveries and fruitful conversation, focussing  on developing the sonic, technical  and structural elements of the show. An activity around building a clock was explored ( audiences  building a literal time piece before watching natures clock). Timelab was made in response to this, a workshop project inviting audiences to ‘smash’ old watches and make jewellery  out of old time.

Abigail and Ross  went on a field trip to Cambridge university and met with Dr Alex Webb, a plant biologist specialising in circadian rhythms. By the end of this residency, further inspiration was made in connection to plant biology, medical aspects of primrose , a dissection and plant anatomy.

A special  thank you goes to Laura Collier and Philippa Neels.